Ariadne Daskalakis


Pleasantly refined

"With charm and elegance Daskalakis' violin sang pleasantly refined through the movements. Ishay contributed to the atmosphere by playing as an equal rather than a mere accompanist. In perfect partnership the two musicians delivered the many contrasting colors of the dramatic work."

Neue Westfälische, 25 June 2008

Musical Gems: Palace Concert with Helmut Müller-Brühl and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra

"The Concerto in G Major for violin and orchestra, KV 216, was then played by Ariadne Daskalakis, a spirited virtuoso whose intensity reverberated throughout the hall. She imbued the music with an exquisitely mellow sweetness, particularly in the slow movement, where the violin has the melody almost all to itself."

Rhein-Erft-Rundschau, 13 June 2006

World Premiere with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under Sian Edwards

"Walter's 'Zeichnung' can be considered... a juxtapositioning of orchestra and a solo part. The solo violin (subtly played by Ariadne Daskalakis) is the focal point, embedded in the percussion and interwoven into the orchestra score."

Dorothea Husslein, Münchner Merkur, 14 June 2004

"The solo violin (Ariadne Daskalakis) and the four percussionists (Cologne Percussion Quartet) were woven as lyrical elements into the fabric of the orchestral movement and imbued this finely engraved 'Zeichnung' with contemplative qualities."

Rüdiger Schwarz, Abendzeitung München, 14 June 2004

Ariadne Daskalakis and the Potsdam Chamber Academy

"The program centered on Tartini's violin concerto in G Major. It was performed masterfully by the young Greek violinist Ariadne Daskalakis, who balanced the sonorities well with the full orchestra. With the acoustics of the concert hall (the Fürstensaal), every register of her violin carried without being shrill in any way, letting the solo part's many runs, double stops, and appogiaturas sparkle effortlessly. She rendered the Andante with great sensitivity and meditative warmth."

Nikolaus Frey, Fuldaer Zeitung, 7 April 2004

Ariadne Daskalakis with the Potsdam Chamber Academy in Potsdam and Fulda: Tartini Violin Concerto in G Major, D. 80, "The Greek-American violinist proved to have nerves of steel, executing even the trickiest passages with an entrancing blend of unerring, effortless virtuosity and ethereal grace... Her expressive motions rendered the Andante as a tale from a dream. In the Finale her bow veritably capered across the strings. Her violin continues to sing despite the most treacherous hurdles, its warm tone breathing and evoking emotional nuances like a human voice."

Sonja Lenz, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, 6 April 2004

Three Solists Open the Four-day "Contours" Music Festival with Superb Concert

"Ariadne Daskalakis... chose Maurice Ravel's 'Tzigane' for her concert solo. She interpreted this Gypsy-inspired rhapsody with resounding mellowness, a highly evocative tone, and flawless technique."

Hanna Styrie, Rhein-Erft-Kreis Kurier, 5 January 2004

"With Artistic Sensitivity and Devotion" -- The Manon Quartet Berlin Opens the Cologne "Feste musicali" Series with Haydn's The Seven Last Words of the Redeemer on the Cross

"The first violinist was spellbinding in her ability to intone both sorrow and consolation, both desolation and a vision of imminent paradise. Her partners (Bernhard Forck, Sebastian Gottschick, and Anna Carewe) also distinguished themselves at every turn. The quartet took Haydn's dynamic extremes to heart, bringing out the light and shadows of the harmonies and showing how individual words become the essence of the music. Their depiction of the earthquake lacked nothing in the way of terror and tumult."

way of terror and tumult."