Ariadne Daskalakis

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Johann Sebastian Bach

Ein Musikalisches Opfer BWV 1079

Setting by Sebastian Gottschick

Ariadne Daskalakis Violin
Ensemble Vintage Köln

Catalog Number: Eigenart (Tacet) 10540

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CD "Musical Offering" in a setting by Sebastian Gottschick, on the label Tacet, with the Ensemble Vintage Köln led by Ariadne Daskalakis
... Gottschicks own creations are also presented creatively. He combines Bach's six canons in the six-minute "Canon Puzzle" to form a new composition, which, with its polyrhythmic and multitonal layers, provides for fun multitasking-listening... In his arrangement of "Canon per Tonos", Gottschick transforms Bach's chromatic modulation with glissandi and increases the level of expression. With these compositions he offers a colorful contrast to the finely played Bach interpretation.

Kölnische Rundschau, Matthias Corvin, 12/18