Ariadne Daskalakis

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Saint Saëns, Debussy, Mozart, Brahms


Ariadne Daskalakis & Roglit Ishay
Carpe Diem Records (Berlin), 2004

Catalog Number: Carpe Diem 26251

A recital with major works from the Classical-Romantic repertoire.

"... when you play it, what you hear is simply magnificant. Here is an artist who excels in all fields. In the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens, she is not content with virtuosity, even though she is a redoubtable technician, but infuses the music with a sort of modest, controlled Romanticism. When she then tackles the sonata by Debussy, of which there are so many mediocre recordings, she seems to have understood it all, the desperate humour, the vibrant lyricism, the strange sonorities, very well served in this respect by the Israeli pianist Roglit Ishay, who is exactly on her wavelength. It is truly rare to hear such justice done to this work. In Mozart's K 374 sonata, the landscape changes again and suddenly the violinist has a lighter tone. Debussy's grinding anguish gives way to twenty minutes of luminous charm and resounding happiness. Here all seems easy, but it is clear that this ease presupposes a greater mastery. ... the tone of the violin is truly magnificant. A rare recital, by performers well worth discovering. Recommended, therefore."

Jaques Bonnaure, REPERTOIRE, Juni 2000